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Medical services provided by our group practice team

Home / Services

  • Complete spectrum of pediatrics and juvenile medicine including all checkups and vaccinations
  • Newborn and infant care after outpatient births, U2 (second screening)
  • Allergology
  • Children’s rheumatology (Philipp Schoof)
  • Children’s neurology/epileptology (Dr. Arnd Müller)
  • EEGs (wake and sleep EEGs)
  • child development tests
  • Sonographies
  • Hearing tests
  • OAE tests (Newborn hearing screening)
  • Eye tests / amblyopic eye screening
  • Pulmonary function tests
  • ECGs
  • minor surgeries
  • Treatment of wounds and fractures

Individual health care services (IGEL)

IGEL that are not covered by the statutory health insurance benefits:

  • Travel medicine and vaccinations
  • Medical certificates including examinations for e.g. film shootings, sports, stays abroad, preschool, certificates of health or illness
  • Parent-doctor consultations concerning progress at school and education
  • Examinations requested by the patient but not required from a medical point of view

Home visits

We make home visits where medically required